The TCSC & WSS Fluid Energy Technologies provide a means of capturing the renewable, sustainable, GHG emissions-free energy  as an option to replace depleting hydrocarbon fuels.

This next generation technology, when commercialized, will combat Global Warming by offering a cost effective means of capturing and storing the Kinetic Energy from the moving fluids of Air and Water. Our TCSC & WSS technology provides a direct mechanical power-takeoff approach in capturing this energy. The power-takeoff can be directed to three options:

  1. Electricity;
  2. The production of Potable Water through Reverse Osmosis, and/or
  3. The production of Hydrogen utilizing electrolysis. This introduces magnitude of scale energy conversion to supply grid connected load at less than $0.02 per kWh.

This dual technology can be deployed singly or in combination, and the WSS can be installed terrestrially and retrofitted to industrial rooftops.