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GWFT is also pleased to be a member of UWCAES Under Water Compressed Air Energy Storage Society

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Submission for Marine Renewables Canada Membership

GWFT Go With the Flow Technologies Inc introduces a GAME CHANGER approach to capturing tidal current energy leading to grid connected electricity at less than $0.02 per kWh.

GWFT is licensing this and other technology designed to engage the “in-line” forces of moving fluids, rather than the “deflected” forces relied on by most conventional wind and tidal current turbines. This represents an immediate and minimum 41.42% increase in the engaged forces.

We believe this technology will outperform conventional devices in all respects.

Go With the Flow Technologies is adopting the existing technology website during this introductory period, and will initially be focusing on tidal currents.

MOU – Seeley’s Cove Research & GWFT

Published online October 28, 2015 by Marine Renewables Canada 

This Memorandum of Understanding is entered into by William Jones, President /CEO of Seeley’s Cove Research Centre, and Joe Sieber, CEO of GWFT Go With the Flow Technologies Inc, to explore mutually beneficial opportunities through collaboration.

William Jones is the Inventor and Developer of the AquaCannon Aeration System that offers an innovative concept to provide oxygen-enriched water to the Aquaculture industry.

Joe Sieber is a technology developer with several wave energy patents to his credit. More recently, Joe has Patents Pending in the US, GB, and Canada on energy capture from Tidal Currents, Ocean and River Streams and Wind Streams.

Aquaculture projects are frequently deployed in sheltered locations that also provide for a significant ocean current to replenish oxygen and natural feed. In extended oxygen deficient waters natural replenishment is difficult and requires forced aeration intervention.
The presence of tidal currents makes available a natural Ocean Energy to drive the AquaCannon Aeration System, thereby introducing new opportunities in the Aquaculture industry. The cooperation between Seeley’s Cove on the Bay of Fundy, and GWFT, provides the latter with potential access to the world’s greatest tidal energy centre for testing.

Bill and Joe both believe in a natural synergy and mutual respect that will benefit a cooperative working relationship in the further development of the AquaCannon Aeration System and energy capture from Tidal Currents, Ocean and River Streams and Wind Streams.

Both parties bring considerable expertise and hands-on-experience to this cooperative effort, with a focus on green renewable alternative energy developed for the benefit of Society.


William Jones
Tel: Business: 1-506-755-7836
Mobile: 1-506-754-5111
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Joe Sieber
Tel: 1-250-389-1040