Tidal Current Surface Crawler (TCSC)

In an effort to fully appreciate the Tidal Current Surface Crawler (TCSC) technology, it is important to provide a cursory review and analysis of the conventional tidal current devices. For the lateral force in a tidal current to effectively and consistently do work, there must be responsive and unencumbered movement to drive the power takeoff.

The TCSC technology is a proprietary next generation technology that has been designed to move beyond devises that are partially or completely submerged, thus eliminating the many challenges that are plaguing conventional front-runner technologies.

Basic engineering and physical laws confirm that for a tidal current to do maximum work, and thereby capture energy, one part of a device must be driven by and move harmoniously in line with, but at a lower speed, with the tidal current on a ‘continuous basis’. The aspect of a ‘continuous basis’ brings us to the insight and innovation of the Endless Belt Generator represented in the TCSC.