It has become an accepted reality that global warming and climate change, with ever greater and more severe weather fluctuations, are the result of human activity brought on by escalating use of fossil fuels and depletion of the earth’s natural defenses of photosynthesis.

The GWFT (TCSC), Sustainable Energy from Tidal Currents, Ocean Streams, and River Streams, and the (WSS), Sustainable Energy from Wind Streams, are innovative Fluid Energy technologies that can address the first of these human activities if we can stick-handle around the many  groups that have a vested interest in the status quo. 


The almost limitless supply of fluid energies on our oceans and rivers is powered by the sun, is totally sustainable, renewable, Green House Gas (GHG) emissions-free, and cries out to be harvested by a viable technology.

The vision, at GWFT Inc, is that these unique and proprietary TCSC & WSS technologies, and further patent enhancements, provide the key to the viable capture of this bountiful but elusive energy, and underpin the greatest industry, the Energy Industry.providing Electricity, Hydrogen via electrolysis, and Potable Water via Reverse Osmosis. The ocean’s exuberance should not be viewed  as a challenge, but rather as an opportunity. This limitless supply of ocean energy off Canada’s three shores will support the hydrogen economy, and lead society away from its dependence on hydrocarbons. The world’s supply of hydrocarbons needs to be preserved for more valuable commodities than as an internal combustion fuel.


The conceptual deployment and utilization of the aforementioned technologies has already been recognized for its adherence to universally accepted engineering and physical laws. Design and deployment anywhere on the ocean’s surface  displaying measureable currents can become reality in less time than the time frames for current regulatory and licensing hurdles.


In this time of world economic turmoil, speedy engineering assessments and government or private funding can have a very quick impact on job creation, and an exportable Canadian technology, not to mention addressing the global concerns of climate change caused by the burning of fossil fuels. Society is urged to switch from a depleting hydrocarbon energy base to a sustainable, green, GHG emissions-free, hydrogen/fuel cell base.