The SIFET Technologies,, are licensed to the recently incorporated tidal energy company “GWFT Go With the Flow Technologies Inc.” GWFT is initially focused on capturing the Kinetic Energy embodied in the movement of water. The Company has fabricated its first ocean ready prototype and completed initial tests confirming proof of concept, sea worthiness, expectations, and feasibility.

An over-riding focus of our attention is the simultaneous application of both the TCSC and the WSS on the ocean’s surface, in a synergistic manner, while allowing singular terrestrial application of the WSS renewable energy source in a myriad of configurations.

The marine applications can be deployed anywhere on the ocean’s surface or in rivers and river estuaries where there is measurable current velocity. Such locations are also invariably blessed with significant wind velocities, and hence the desire to simultaneously harness the energy of the prevalent wind stream to drive a common generator. Doing so automatically enhances the utilization factor.

The terrestrial applications can be sited anywhere, because of their low profile, with a special emphasis on roof-tops of industrial buildings.

GWFT presents an innovative approach, applying many proven and accepted but unrelated techniques, to capturing the almost limitless GHG emissions-free renewable and sustainable energy. Unlike many techniques currently being pursued, in both categories, GWFT’s approach to capturing Nature’s Renewable Fluid Energy will be accomplished at a cost that is several orders of magnitude lower in both Capital Cost and O & M. Also expected is an  increase in energy capture per ton of fabricated material from a much smaller footprint.